Jungkook Revealed Where BTS Has Their Friendship Tattoo 2022 #Celebrity

One of the details of BTS that recently moved ARMY was knowing that the members decided to get the same tattoo together. A seven, which they have previously confessed that it is a very important number for them and that now, they all decided to leave it embodied in their skin as a symbol of their friendship. Jungkook told ARMY where his colleagues have him.

The members of BTS decided to do the same tattoo as proof of his friendship. Although so far, not all members have done so, Jungkook did not hesitate to reveal where do they have their tattoos the members who already decided to mark their skin.

ARMY was moved by the way in which BTS decided to show all the love they have for each other, getting a friendship tattoo. Even for those members who hadn’t shown any interest in marking their skin, they decided to join, all to show the strong love they have for each other as a group.

A number seven was what they decided to record on their skins to fondly remember BTS, without knowing what awaits them in their future, that number 7 will always be the memory of everything they have lived together as a group. Where do they each have their tattoos?

Jungkook revealed where Jin and J-Hope got tattoos on their bodies on 7

Through a live broadcast that Jungkook made to live with his fans, he talked about different topics and resolved doubts from ARMY. Between laughter and songs, the idol decided to talk about the friendship tattoos that the members of BTS will get.

Jungkook revealed that J Hope decided to tattoo the number 7 on his ankle, while Jin he has it on his lower back, near his waist. Jungkook pointed to her own body to explain the areas these two members had decided to get their tattoo on.

Another member who also proudly displayed his tattoo was MR, who through Instagram stories showed that he already has his number 7 on his foot, above the ankle. You can see here what the friendship tattoo of the BTS members will look like:

Jungkook asked ARMY where he should put his friendship tattoo

Similarly, Jungkook confessed that he has not yet been able to get his tattoo due to lack of time and asked ARMY for help to know where he should put it. Some comments mentioned that he could tattoo it behind his ear, but the idol refused because he ‘couldn’t see it there’. Without a doubt, he wants to be able to always remember his friends every time he sees his tattoo. Where would you like to see it?

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