Jungkook Sent A Coffee Truck to Yeo Jin Goo for His Movie 2022 #Celebrity

Jungkook: Did you know that Jungkook and Yeo Jin Goo are close? BTS’s Golden Maknae showed how adorable his connection is with some messages for him, but he also sent him a surprise that the Korean actor enjoyed together with his castmates.

Over time, the members of BTS have met a large number of celebrities, not only in music but also in acting. This is how we meet friendships like the Wooga Squad and, on the other hand, the connection between Jungkook and Yeo Jin Goo.

They not only get along, but they support each of the new projects they start within their careers, so now that the korean actor is working on a new moviethe idol of K-Pop has not stopped cheering him on.

Very soon we will see Yeo Jin Goo in the film Dittoa story where a man and a woman who live in different times, manage to communicate through a set of walkie-talkies, but while the cast was working, a surprise from the Jungkook showed up.

BTS’s Jungkook sent a coffee truck for Yeo Jin Goo on Ditto’s set

The interpreter of my time hired a coffee cart for the actors of the film could enjoy drinks and snacks to help them regain strength in the middle of filming. As is tradition, this vehicle was decorated with banners and messages for the recipient, who in this case was Yeo Jin Goo.

In these legends, Jungkook pointed out that this was an early birthday gift for the actor of Moon Hotel, but also a gift to encourage the cast of the film and ask them to take care of their friend. AWW!

Jungkook And Yeo Jin Goo’s Friendship Shown Through Compliments

For the cup sleeves that were delivered in the coffee truck sent by Jungkook, the idol requested that a text be placed giving compliments to the face and impact of the Korean actor, the phrase said:

Jin Goo, your face has the power to move people, okay? If, according!

The adorable compliment garnered an equally terrific response from the star of Absolute Boyfriend because when sharing the photos on his social networks, he added a similar message:

Jungkook, your voice, vocal tone, dance skills and your great support have the power to move people, okay? If, according!

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