Jungkook surprised J-Hope on the set of Jack In The Box 2022 #celebrity

Although they are not working as a group, the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have not stopped supporting each other, especially in their individual projects. Jungkook proved it by suddenly visiting J-Hope while he was taking photos for the cover of Jack In The Box. What was the reaction of Arson’s interpreter?

Jungkook of BTS appeared on the recording set of jack in the box to surprise J-Hope. The idol did not miss the opportunity to go to support his partner in his new stage as a solo artist and made his fans completely happy.

The members of BTS have always shown how close they are, not only did they get friendship tattoos together, they also support each other in each of their new projects. Especially the maknae, who surprised J-Hope while working on her new album.

Jungkook appeared as a surprise on the recording set of Jack In The Box

While BTS’s J-Hope was at the photo shoot for his solo album cover Jack In The Box, Jungkook suddenly appeared and completely surprised his fellow member.

J-Hope was waiting for the cameras to be adjusted so he could continue taking photos for his new album cover when Jungkook surprised him by poking his head on the set and calling out his name.

J-Hope turned around in surprise when he heard him and instantly they both smiled at each other while Jungkook replied that he had gone to the set to dance. She later explained that she had just finished her schedule and wanted to visit him to support him.

BTS’s Jungkook recorded his graduation speech before visiting J-Hope

During that day, Jungkook of BTS had attended a photo session for a paperwork from his university and had just recorded the generational speech of the class of 2017 for his academic act. The idol was proud to also have an achievement to tell as he supported his friend.

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