Jungkook Would Watch A Drama With V and Fell Asleep, Joke 2022 #Celebrity

Jungkook: Do you remember the day V woke Jungkook up by pranking him? Find out why Taehyung decided to surprise the idol with such a fun idea that he even shared on social media.

The boys of BTS always have fun when they are together, whether all the members of the group are present or some of them make plans on their own. ARMY It’s happy when idols share a bit of their activities together, but sometimes those become adorable and fun memories.

Long time, V and Jungkook They made plans to have fun while enjoying a drama that hooked them both, but things did not go as expected and that became a moment where laughter was not lacking.

What exactly happened while the K-Pop idols waited for the start of the kdrama? Here we tell you in detail.

Jungkook and V were going to watch a drama, but the Golden Maknae fell asleep

Both idols were ready to watch the 15th episode of Fight For My Waythe drama starring Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won. Jungkook and Taehyung they got everything ready in advance, ordered food and made themselves comfortable.

They kept updating fans and revealed that the episode was about to start, but the next update revealed that Jungkook had fallen asleep before the broadcast started. oops!

BTS’s Taehyung pranked Jungkook to wake him up

V chose to make him one joke to his groupmate without knowing if that would wake him up or not, so he took a potato chip and placed it near Jungkook’s mouth, the idol reacted by eating a little and immediately woke up.

Taehyung He said that it was really hard to keep from laughing while making the joke, but this way they both got to see the long-awaited chapter of the drama.

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