Justin Bieber and Lebron James Support A French Footballer!

Justin Bieber never hesitates to let his favorites be known. Moreover, just like Lebron James, he seems a fan of a French sportswoman.

Recently, Eugénie Le Sommer has been wildly successful. Besides, Justin Bieber and Lebron James fully support her.


No one can miss the famous Justin Bieber. And for good reason, since his arrival on the music scene, the latter has been a huge success. He then chained the full cards and continues to be unanimous. In short, his career has something to envy even the greatest.

But in reality, the success of Justin Bieber does not stop there. If he stands out today as an emblematic singer, he has also become a true icon. And like all big stars who respect themselves, the latter can count on the loyalty of a large number of fans.

It must be said that they are very attached to the artist. They then follow all its news and always try to find out more. Thus, when the singer admitted to having health concerns, the latter were very worried.

But do not panic, Justin Bieber makes them good. Very active on the Web, the star shares her life. Between statements, moments in love or even info on his music, nothing seems too intimate for his loyal subscribers.

Besides, if there is a subject that interests his fans, it is his love story with Hailey Bieber. And to the delight of Internet users, the singer continues to let his love know.

But today, Justin Bieber made revelations on a completely different subject. Just like Lebron James, he made his support known to Eugénie Le Sommer.


It’s no secret that Justin Bieber loves sports. If music is an integral part of his life, sport is also essential in his daily life. And yes, the latter supports many teams in which he has a strong interest.

Moreover, Justin Bierber has many times been spotted at matches. Whether alongside his darling or his friends, he never misses an opportunity to support his little darlings. Something to delight his most athletic fans.

If the latter has been seen many times during matches, he also makes his support known on his social networks. Very involved in basketball or even in hockey, he never forgets to send a message of encouragement.

But today, it is the turn of French women’s football to attract his attention. And for good reason, in his Insta story, the interpreter of “Baby” shared the video of a goal by Eugénie Le Sommer. FYI, lately, the latter continues to be noticed. And for good reason, she manages to pull out of the game.

Besides, Justin Bieber is not the only star to have shared this match sequence. And for good reason, Lebron James also ran the video. Faced with this success, the sportswoman wanted to react. Indeed, in her story, the latter confessed: “If I had been told one day that Lebron James and Justin Bieber would share one of my goals. Such an honor. »

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