Justin Bieber Enjoys His Summer With Hailey After His Health Concerns!

Justin Bieber seems to be doing much better. The star is also enjoying his summer with his wife Hailey in the state of Idaho. Justin Bieber seems to be doing much better. While the singer announced terrible news to his fans last June, he was seen in the arms of his wife Hailey during his vacation.



Many of you are still following the news surrounding Justin Bieber and his wife. And for good reason ! The two lovebirds fascinate internet users thanks to their couple goal.

Unfortunately, the daily life of lovers was recently disrupted… Indeed, the interpreter of the title “Peaches” announced, on June 10, terrible news to his community. It was on his Instagram account that the young man explained that he had Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

“As you can see, this eye is not blinking. I can’t smile on this side of my face… So there is complete paralysis on this side of my face. It is because of this virus which attacks the nerve of my ear and my facial nerves“said Justin Bieber through a disturbing video.

And to continue: “For those who are frustrated by the cancellations of my upcoming shows, I am simply not physically able to do them. »

“It is quite serious, as you can see. I wish it weren’t, but obviously my body is telling me to slow down. I hope you understand. I will use this time to rest, relax and get back to 100% so I can do what I was born to do. »

Sad confidences that had not failed to upset the Beliebers. A few days later, the wife of Justin Bieber had however reassured them by giving news of her husband on the set of Good Morning America.

“He feels much better. And honestly, what happened randomly scared me a lot. I am so grateful that he is well, ”launched the pretty blonde, with a smile on her face.


It is therefore far from the stage and the studios that Justin Bieber has made the decision to recharge his batteries. The artist was also seen in great shape with his wife Hailey during his vacation.

While a few weeks ago the singer’s state of health was worrying, things seem to be going much better for the star.

Indeed, the idol of young people is having a blast in Lake Heart, Idaho. For his part, Justin Bieber had opted for neon green swim shorts accompanied by a blue and yellow bob.

He also sported a pair of white glasses. Glasses that his wife also had on the tip of her nose. Hailey Baldwin, meanwhile, flaunted her dream figure in a white bikini and orange shorts.

Kendall Jenner’s BFF had also chosen to wear a hat identical to that of her husband. Matching outfits that did not fail to make a splash with fans. One thing is for sure, there is love in the air.

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