K-Dramas Where The Cast is Currently Acting 2022 #Celebrity

K-Dramas: Kim Hee Sun, Ro Woon, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Yoon Ji On captivated thousands with their performance in Tomorrow, an intense drama about emissaries of death whose goal is to prevent people from ending their lives. After laughing and crying for them in the drama, these are the new projects that each one is in and you do not want to miss.

Tomorrow is an MBC drama that caused a great impact due to the topics it dealt with on screen, especially for focusing on the reasons that can lead a person to want to end their life. After the incredible performances of the emissaries of death, surely you are wondering what are the Next projects of the actors.

If you are a fan of Korean dramas, surely you followed the story of Tomorrow with emotion and how they showed a new way of seeing emissaries of death. Several weeks after the end of the program, these are the new projects of the actors who moved thousands while rescuing people.

Kim Hee-sun, Ro Woon, Lee So-hyuk Y Yoon Ji On they will continue to move the public with different stories and characters that you will not want to miss. These are the next stories you should watch and expect from them.

Doramas in which the cast of Tomorrow is participating

Kim Hee-sun He did not wait long to surprise the public again. The actress starred in one of the new Netflix dramas called Remarriage & Desire, where she plays a wealthy woman who is willing to do anything to get revenge for the sudden death of her husband. This drama is complete in Netflix and it is a perfect story to watch without rest, because the plot will catch you.

On the other hand, Ro Woon he is focused on his music. His group SF9 will have a possible comeback. A few days ago, the group revealed a mysterious video with the message ‘NEXT SF9’, which could mean the return of the group, where the idol and actor will participate.

In the case of Lee Soo-hyuk, the actor has also not shown interest in a new project. He will take a break while he chooses the new role he will play after his success in Tomorrow. Prior to this drama, his last work was in Doom At Your Service with Seo In Guk. You can watch it on doramasflix.

Until now, Yoon Ji On has not considered a new project. However, if you miss seeing this charismatic character, you can see him in his pre-Tomorrow drama You Are My Spring. You can see it in drama premieres.

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