K-Dramas with protagonists who know their

K-Dramas with protagonists who know their

These Korean dramas face the past and the present, although they include time travel, the main thing about these stories is that a person can meet their past self and learn to value who they once were.

If we talk about K-dramas With time travel, we often think of stories that take us back to the Goryeo or Joseon times, but this theme does not only include palaces and ancient sites, as these trips can also occur between relatively close times.

That is exactly what happened to the protagonists of the dramas that we recommend today, all of them live in contemporary times, but in one way or another, they manage to rediscover their ‘I’ of the past.

Some of them travel to their time as students and learn to understand each other better, while in other dramas, it is that person from the past who meets them in their Present. Do you dare to see one of these entertaining doramas?

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Dramas where the characters meet their ‘I’ from the past and learn from him

Year: 2021

Made by: Choi Kang HeeKim Young Kwang, Uhm Moon Suk

Available in: Dramas flix

Ban Ha Ni is in her late 40s, is working as a temporary employee, and is afraid of losing her source of income. One day she sees a girl who looks just like her when she was still a student, why did she appear in front of her and at this precise moment?


Year: 2022

Made by: Lee JoonggiKim Ji Eun, Lee Kyung Young

Available on: Viki and Doramas flix

Kim Hee Woo graduated from college and his talent led him to become a prosecutor, but when he finds himself in the middle of an investigation, a man ends his life. Fortunately he wakes up and regains his memory, but nothing is the same, now he is back in the past when he was still a student.


Year: 2018

Starring: Lee Yeol Eum and Lee Jung-shin

Available on: Viki, Drama Premieres

Shin Woo has a quiet life, thanks to his dedication he now works as a teacher and teaches math classes. When he was younger he had his first love, but now he has finally managed to get over it, what would happen if he suddenly traveled to the past and met his version of that time? What advice would you give him to improve his life? ?


Year: 2017

Starring: Son Ho Jun, Jang Nara

Available on: Viki and Doramas flix

It tells the life of a married couple who got married when they were still very young, now they are adults with a failed love relationship and a life that does not make them happy. Filled with regret, they would like to go back in time and take another path, what if they had that opportunity?


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