K-Dramas With Vampires That Will Steal Your Heart And Your Dreams

K-Dramas: One of the most popular genres among drama lovers is vampires. This mysterious creature has always been feared and admired not only for its bloodlust, but also for its beauty. For that reason, today we recommend dramas in which Korean actors played vampires and drew sighs from thousands of viewers.

Blood, Vampire Flower and Vampire Detective they are three korean dramas where the protagonists are vampires who stole our hearts on more than one occasion. With Ahn Jae Hyun, Seo Jae Hyung and Lee Joon, these recommendations you will love them

A medical vampire who fights his bloodlust every day, a vampire who desperately seeks the flower of vampires and another vampire who solves crimes and mysteries, are three dramas with different themes that should be on your must-see list.

So if you have nothing to do this weekend. These three dramas contain stories that will fascinate you from start to finish and that you can binge on because each chapter leaves you wanting to know how the story will end.

Korean dramas with vampires as protagonists

This drama stars Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo Hye Sun, a medical drama where the lead is also a vampire. In this drama, Ahn Jae Hyun constantly battles his bloodlust and his desire to do good and save human lives. you can see it in viki.

It’s about a vampire named Louis who is desperately searching for a flower called ‘the vampire flower’. In searching for him, he meets Seo Yeong, a high school student who promises to help him search for him. Starring Seo Jae Hyung and Kim Ga Eun, it’s a story you can watch on doramasyt.

This drama starring idol-turned-actor Lee Joon tells the story of a detective who mysteriously turns into a vampire one day. And as he continues to solve cases, he searches for the truth about his new condition and how he can reverse or adapt to it. you can see it in drama cool.

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