K-Pop Glossary for Fans, Basic Words and What They Mean 2022 #Celebrity

K-Pop fans use many words that some people who don’t know much about K-Pop are not used to using. If you’ve just entered the world of Korean pop but you’re confused by new terms, here are some words used by fans that will help you understand better when you want to know more about your new favorite artist.

If you met a new K-Pop and you want to start being a fan, surely you have come across terms that you are completely unaware of. These keywords are essential to become a fan of this genre.

The world of K-Pop is full of all kinds of words and to better understand the posts of other fans about your favorite group, here are some that you should know and will help you to be a complete fan of the genre.

Words used by K-Pop fans that you should know to understand it better

  • Stan: Stan is a term used to call fans and from there you can find phrases like stanear, which refers to being a fan of some group.
  • fandom: The fandom is the group of fans in general. In K-Pop, each fandom receives its own name given by the artists they admire, an example that you surely know is ARMY, the name given to the BTS fandom. If you were interested in a new group, you can always ask what their fans are called.
  • Baby fan: Whether it’s Baby ARMY, Baby MOA or Baby Stay, this term is used for people who have just arrived in the fandom, if you are a new fan of the group, some veteran fans will affectionately call you that.
  • OP: This word is used when some people describe situations they had with idols, if you see OP in some post, talk about the person who met your favorite artist.
  • Bias: If you have a favorite member in the group that caught your attention, the word used is bias. It’s the way you refer to the member you liked the most. An example would be: Johnny from NCT is my bias.
  • maknae: The word maknae refers to the youngest member of each group, some nicknames with this term become famous such as Golden Maknae, which refers to Jungkook from BTS.
  • light stick: Lightstick is the name given to one of the goods in each group. These are lanterns with special designs to support each of the groups of your choice.
  • Come back: When your group will release new music, the term used is comeback, that way they mention when they will have a new album or single. This word always excites the fans.
  • MV: This term comes from Music Video, referring to the music videos of each group.
  • streaming: With stream they refer to reproducing the new content of your favorite artists, be it their songs or music videos, this term talks about the number of views or reproductions that each one has.
  • Waiting: Also known as Fighting!, this term is used to give encouragement to your favorite artists, also many fans use it to encourage other fellow fandom when they need support.

What other word would you like to know about it? The world of K-Pop is very vast and you will probably come across words that you do not know. However, remember that it is always a good time to learn.

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