Kai and Chen were seen at the airport on their way to Australia. 2022 #celebrity

Chen’s interactions with the rest of the EXO members are increasing. On this occasion, the singer appeared at the Incheon International Airport with his partner Kai, as both will participate in the HallyuPopFest festival in Australia. Completely exciting the fans to see them together.

Chen and Kai of EXO will perform at the HallyuPopFest 2022 from Australia, which will be this weekend. To the surprise of the fans, both were seen of the Incheon airport ready to board your flight to Australia.

EXO-L woke up in a good mood seeing pictures and videos of Kai and EXO’s Chen together, as the two will leave South Korea to travel to Australia for a K-Pop festival, where they will perform on different days.

This interaction quite excited his fans, since since Chen left the army, there have been few occasions in which he has been seen interacting with other members of exo. so see the Photos of Kai and Chen together made them quite happy.

EXO’s Chen and Kai were together at the Incheon airport

EXO members never get tired of exciting their fans with cute interactions with each other. Though Chen had been out of the public eye in recent months, the idol has returned to the international stage at various festivals. And on this occasion he could be seen traveling with Kai, since both will be presented at the same festival.

Chen and Kai of EXO left South Korea to travel to australia and perform at the HallyuPopFest 2022 in that country. However, they surprised their fans at the airport appearing together. Soon the reporters and fans began to record them as they both greeted the people present in an animated and cheerful way. You can watch the video here:

After greeting fans and reporters, the EXO members entered the airport wearing masks and it could be seen how Chen walked next to Kai with an arm around his shoulders, showing the great friendship they have and the joy of being able to travel together. You can see this moment here:

Which artists will perform alongside Chen and Kai at HallyuPopFest Australia?

In addition to EXO’s Chen and Kai, other groups that will perform at the HallyuPopFest 2022 from Australia are P1HARMONY, ASTRO, KEP1ER, SF9, Chung Ha, ONEUS, among others. Without a doubt, it is going to be a great two-day festival for all K-Pop fans in that country. Can you imagine a festival with so many artists in your country? Who would you like to go see?

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