Kang Tae Oh Doesn’t Like to Do Aegyo, This is His Reaction 2022 #celebrity

During a show, Kang Tae Oh impressed fans with his sweet aegyo, only because he doesn’t really like doing this kind of expressions, he had a reaction that made the moment unforgettable, what happened?

Throughout his career, this Korean actor has conquered fans with his characters and several of them have had noble, very kind and sweet personalities that made fans fall in love, a clear example is the role of Kang Tae Oh that we see today in Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

However, when it comes to acting cute in real life, Kang Tae Oh resists showing it through aegyobut sometimes you can’t escape from such missions.

That happened when he was promoting the drama of Tale of Nokdu Along with their castmates, they all went to an interview where they had fun and had to pass several tests, what happened when Kang Tae Oh had to do aegyo?

Kang Tae Oh resists doing aegyo and shows it in a funny way

each of the actors received a fan and, when they opened it, they revealed which was the mission that randomly assigned them. Kang Tae Oh couldn’t believe that he just had to show 3 different types of aegyo, but motivated by his classmates from the casttook a deep breath and prepared to show off his acting skills.

He started off perfectly, but as he neared the end of his dialogue he couldn’t help but let out a yelp of frustration and get up from his seat. Although her cuteness was on full display, her reaction He made everyone present and his fans who saw him on television laugh, because when he made his second attempt this was repeated again. AWW!

Kang Tae Oh is very good at acting cute, even though he doesn’t recognize it

Even though that him korean actor he even hid behind one of his classmates, a bit embarrassed by the mission he had to accomplish by acting cute, we got to witness Kang Tae Oh’s aegyo and it sure is charming, don’t you think?

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