Kang Tae Oh fans Want To Go To The Military Instead of The Actor 2022 #Celebrity

Kang Tae Oh: Very soon Kang Tae Oh will have to start his military service and that means that he will put his acting career on hold for a while. K-Drama fans don’t want to stop watching him, especially after his success in Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

If you don’t miss any of the news about Korean actors and K-Dramas on the air, surely you have already heard about Extraordinary Attorney Woothis is the most popular drama of the moment, having Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh as protagonists.

The korean actor is in charge of giving life to Lee Junho, the romantic interest of lawyer Woo Young Woo after her arrival at a law firm. With each new episode, the way of being of the charming character falls more and more in love with the fans, which has caused an inevitable increase in the popularity of Kang Tae Oh.

However, although this is a great moment in the career of this drama star, the day is also approaching when he must fulfill the military servicebut now his fans and Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s followers refuse to let him go.

Kang Tae Oh Is In The Middle Of A Hilarious Proposal To Not Go Into The Army

A fan of Kang Tae Oh made an online post that has not failed to catch eyes, as he invited 600 people to enlist in the military so that Extraordinary Attorney Woo actor does not have to. The proposal is that each one join the army for one day, so that together they would cover the period of enlistment that corresponds to this celebrity.

The funny post got many comments from fans who said they accepted the offer, because after seeing their romantic scene in the kdrama beside Park Eun-bin they couldn’t let him go to the army. LOL!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo will be Kang Tae Oh’s last drama before enlisting

Kang Tae Oh has worked in blockbuster dramas and his career includes characters in Run On, Doom At Your ServiceThe Effect of a Finger Flick on a Breakup, Tale of Nokdutwo seasons of Because It’s My First Love and more, but his character in Extraordinary Attorney Woo increased his popularity among fans.

Lee Jun Ho will be the last character played by the actor before he started his military service, but while he is back you can take a look at his other K-Drama roles and you will see that you will love them.

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