Kang Tae Oh Gives Spoilers for The Ending of Extraordinary Attorney Woo 2022 #Celebrity

We are very close to knowing the last episodes of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, as well as the outcome of the main couple. Now that many suspect that Young Woo and Jun Ho might not end up together, he gives fans a message with a dose of hope.

Between the new dramas currently airing, Extraordinary Attorney Woo stole the attention of fans in Korea and around the world, becoming a current favorite.

His characters hooked us in each episode and as the story progressed, we saw more and more of the relationship between Woo Young Woo and Lee Jun Ho characters played by Park Eun-bin and Kang Tae Ih.

Now that the couple has parted ways within the history of K-Drama, many fans of the series have begun to express their concern and suspicion that Extraordinary Attorney Woo might not have a happy ending for Woo Young Woo and Lee Jun Ho, what did Kang Tae Oh say about it?

Will Extraordinary Attorney Woo have a happy ending? Kang Tae Oh rekindles hope

In an interview that kang tae oh had with GQ, the actor talked about what we will see in the story and stated that, although it would be nice if the drama was full of happiness, in reality there is always something that disturbs the calm of the protagonists.

In all stories there are always conflicts, but there is also a process to resolve them.

The korean actor pointed out that in Extraordinary Attorney Woo the same thing happens, so he asked fans to stay tuned and watch that part of the drama what is to come OMG! Will it be then that we will have a happy ending for the plot?

When does Extraordinary Attorney Woo end?

Episode 14 aired recently, so there’s only one week left until the end of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. For that reason, the drama It would end next Thursday, the day on which chapter number 16 would be broadcast.

Are you excitedly awaiting the outcome of this story? Remember that the drama is also available on Netflix, however the episodes are released a little slower, so you will have to be patient for the premiere of the ending on this platform.

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