Kang Tae Oh Stole Hearts In His New Photos For ELLE Korea 2022 #celebrity

Actor Kang Tae Oh has gained great popularity for his role in the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo. In a recent photo shoot, the South Korean completely changed his personality for a more mature and dark shoot, causing fans to be completely enchanted by the photos of him.

kang tae oh He is one of the actors of the moment and has started working on different photo and promotional sessions prior to his enlistment in the army. His most recent work was a Photoshoot for the magazine ELLE Korea.

If you are a fan of K-Dramas and follow Extraordinary Attorney Woo, you surely fell in love with Lee Junho, Woo Young Woo’s love interest. However, Kang Tae Oh, the actor who plays him, has shown to have many Aspects different from his character and his most recent photo shoot proves it.

Wearing a dark style, Kang Tae Oh posed in a recent shoot for ELLE Korea.

Actor Kang Tae Oh had a new photo shoot for the magazine ELLE Korea in which the South Korean showed a completely different style than he has shown in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, the drama that has put him on everyone’s lips.

Unlike sweet Lee Junho, in this shoot Kang Tae Oh shows an opposite style, more mature and somewhat wild. In the Photographs He can be seen wearing an all-black suit and no shirt, as he poses resting his chin on the palm of his hand and looking disinterestedly at the camera.

With a determined expression and dark colored clothing, Kang Tae Oh She left viewers breathless as they enjoyed her new photos for ELLE Korea. In one of the photos of him, the red lighting stands out as the actor stares into the camera.

Kang Tae Oh shared with ELLE how he feels about Extraordinary Attorney Woo

For kang tae oh, participating in Extraordinary Attorney Woo was very important for his career. The actor shared that the popularity he has gained from playing Lee Junho caused many people to start looking for his old job, which he also gave all his heart and effort to. For that reason, he feels happy that before leaving for his military service he will make a good impression on the public.

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