Kanye West: His Netflix Documentary Revealed At The Sundance Festival!

Kanye West fans have been eagerly awaiting this moment. Well, it’s done, he unveiled his documentary at Sundance. Kanye West is the type to constantly surprise his fans. And it’s nothing to say. On the occasion of the Sundance festival, the rapper unveiled part of his Netflix documentary.


No need to introduce it, everyone knows it. Kanye West, ex-husband of Kim Kardashian is known around the world.

If he owes his success to his music, he also owes it to his relationship with the mother of his four children. Yes, because the former couple has very often been talked about.

It must be said that Kanye West is a hard-to-satisfy artist. It seems that for him perfection does not exist. When the rapper has something, he always wants to have more or better. Not to mention that the 44-year-old still wants to control everything.

Starting with the love stories of his ex-wife, the star of the Web. Yes, it’s no surprise to anyone, Kanye West does not approve of the couple between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson at all.

Indeed, this new idyll drives the rapper crazy in every sense of the word. Moreover, a few weeks ago videos leaked showing Kanye West fighting with a fan. Facts that mean that the star now finds herself facing justice to answer for her actions.

Suffice to say that for the 44-year-old rapper, this is not the best time to upset him. Moreover, Netflix almost faced the anger of the artist about his documentary, soon to be available.

Yes, because on the occasion of the Sundance festival, Kanye West wanted to reveal some passages from his documentary on the platform.


Sunday January 23, 2022 was then held the Sundance festival. During this evening, Kanye West took the opportunity to unveil the first part of jeen-yuhs: a Kanye trilogy. An evening which was then done remotely because of the pandemic.

Thus, this new documentary signed Netflix retraces the beginnings of Kanye West. Especially when he was trying to transition from young producer to rapper.

The film then shows Kanye West annoyed at being pushed aside because he grew up in the suburbs. As well as moments of tenderness between him and his mother Donda.

If this new project seems to please the rapper, he still gave conditions to Netflix. On Friday January 21, 2022, Kanye West then explained on Instagram that he was waiting to obtain the final editing and the right to approve this documentary. And this, before the latter is released on Netflix, February 16, 2022.

Thus, in one of his posts he writes: “Open the editing room right away so that I can be in charge of my own image“. Just that !

If more than 1.5 million people liked this photo, that says a lot about the success of his future documentary. With this new project, Kanye West is sure to be a hit on Netflix.

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