Kanye West Took Part In A McDonald’s Ad Broadcast During The Super Bowl!

Kanye West fans may be thrilled. And for good reason, the rapper appears in the middle of the Super Bowl in a McDonald’s ad. Kanye West never goes unnoticed. Moreover, the rapper caused a sensation during the Super Bowl in a McDonald’s pub.



It’s no secret that Kanye West is having a great time lately. And for good reason, the rapper has to face a terrible divorce. And yes, the situation is really not easy to manage.

It must be said that nothing is going well with Kim Kardashian. Indeed, Kanye West and the latter no longer manage to get along and do not hesitate to let it be known. In short, between them, war seems declared. Ouch!

Besides, the pretty brunette has decided to turn the page. She then appears in the arms of the famous Pete Davidson. And yes, North’s mom seems to be spinning the perfect love. What delight the many followers of romance therefore.

For his part, Kanye West does not hesitate to tackle the latter. In his album or on the Web, he never ceases to make known the substance of his thoughts. Pete Davidson better watch out.

But do not panic, the rapper does not forget to devote himself to his career. Indeed, the artist is working very hard on Donda 2. In addition, a documentary about his life is being prepared. In summary, his loyal fans are likely to be thrilled.

But that’s not all. And for good reason, Kanye West has just done very well during the Super Bowl. Indeed, he appears in a McDonald’s ad and creates a general surprise.


No one can miss the famous Kanye West. And for good reason, the rapper finds himself at the heart of all eyes. Initially known for his musical talent, the artist quickly intrigued the Web with his romantic relationship.

But today, Kanye West has decided to move forward and does not hesitate to take on new challenges. Thus, he is once again very strong and appears at the Super Bowl. Indeed, the latter caused a sensation in a 30-second ad.

This year, McDonald’s has decided to go very strong. Thus, the channel called on the rapper for the Super Bowl. The concept of the video is simple: the fast-food chain tried to represent the moment of bug that McDonald’s customers can have when placing an order.

The humorous video quickly highlights Kanye West. He then appears in one of his Russian Sherps ATV vehicles. Moreover, his voice is presented with autotune. Something to surprise his loyal fans.

But in reality, this project makes a lot of sense for Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband. And for good reason, the latter has always been a big fan of the restaurant. He even tweeted in 2018: “McDonald’s is my favorite restaurant”. Yes, just that!

For its part, the burger giant did not hesitate to post the video on Instagram. The rapper is therefore once again a sensation.

One thing is certain, Kanye West has not finished getting noticed. But after the Super Bowl, what will be his next appearance? To be continued.

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