KARD Announces New Comeback With A Video, When Does it Premiere?

KARD: South Korean group KARD surprised their fans with a mysterious video. With almost two years of no new singles, the co-ed group will have new music sooner than many imagine. And it promises to be one of his most powerful comebacks. What is known about KARD’s comeback?

K.A.R.D. launched a new teaser video who moved his followers for his come back, which could be this month. Without a doubt, after the return of J.Seph, the group seems to be full of surprises for their fans, especially Latin Americans.

One of the groups that has attracted the most attention is KARD, not only for being one of the few mixed groups in the industry. Also due to the fact that it has always targeted the Latin American market, captivating thousands of Spanish-speaking fans.

For that reason, the announcement of their comeback has caused great excitement among fans who waited for new music for almost two years. His followers are very curious about the group’s new plans.

KARD thrilled their fans with a nostalgic teaser video for their comeback

Through their official accounts, KARD shared a new video with a nostalgic compilation with important scenes and dates from their previous comebacks. In addition to that, in their video they launched a new and powerful message.

In the teaser video, KARD mentions the total number of days and hours they have been on hiatus, and then each of the members adds that it is time to go back to basics, be reborn, regenerate, and redebut. Their comeback is going to be titled: ‘RE:MEMBER’, and it will be released on June 22nd. You can see his teaser here:

KARD went on hiatus around August 2020, the following month J.Seph entered the military to do his duty to the nation. The idol was discharged from the army in April of this year and since then, the group has announced new concerts for the month of July and August. Now, they will also be back at the end of June. Great news for your fans!

In addition to their new comeback, KARD will have a tour in Latin America

KARD will have a tour in Latin America and will visit Brazil from July 20, Chile on July 27, Mexico on July 29 and 31, Colombia on August 3 and Argentina on August 5. KARD is one of the most beloved groups in Latin America, because since their debut they have constantly visited many of the countries of South America, making them always present on their world tours. Will you go see them?

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