Kim Garam Addresses Bullying Accusations And Leaving LE SSERAFIM 2022 #celebrity

After the announcement that her contract with HYBE Labels and Source Music had come to an end, former LE SSERAFIM member Kim Garam decided to speak out about her controversy and tell, from her point of view, what happened and how ended up involved in the problem of bullying.

Kim Garam took an Instagram account and decided speak about what really happened in her school years and how she was involved in the controversy for bullying, which later led her to abandon her dream as an idol.

One of the controversies that stole the attention of all K-Pop fans was that of Kim Garam, former member of LE SSERAFIM. Who, two weeks after her debut, had to go on hiatus due to strong accusations of doing bullying during their school years.

Now that the young woman is no longer in an agency, she decided to break the silence and tell what happened to her during her controversy and how she was involved in the school violence accident.

Kim Garam told what really happened during his school days

Through an Instagram account that allegedly belongs to a friend of Kim Garam. The actress shared a letter in which she clarifies various points of her recent bullying controversy.

In the letter, the singer apologizes for speaking so late about the matter. However, up to this point she had the opportunity to give her version of events. She also mentioned that she never drank or smoked, hit someone or forced them to transfer money to them, claiming that she was just a normal student.

After the introduction, Kim Garam mentions that the altercation with Yoo Eun Seo, the young woman who accused her, was due to the girl spreading rumors about her and her friends and sharing a photo taken without consent of a friend of Garam’s. so the girl argued with Yoo Eun Soo and the fight escalated with inappropriate words that could later be taken as aggression.

For Kim Garam, the incident it was because she was defending a victim, her friend. And he assured that for her there was nothing more important than her friendship, so he decided to defend her at all costs. However, Kim Garam claimed that her actions had been very immature, but she asked people to keep in mind that she was 12 years old when the incident happened. She assuring that she made many mistakes during that time and hasty decisions, mentioning that she had no idea how they would affect her future.

Kim Garam thanked fans for their support and promised to be a better person

On the other hand, Kim Garam assured that the two weeks that she could be an idol were very precious to her and that it was thanks to the fan support endured all the controversy in which it was involved. She also assured that she would treasure all the moments spent together with her fellow LE SSERAFIM members and her fans.

Finally, the singer assured that she will continue working to become a better person and more mature version of her, ensuring that she will continue to give her best.

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