Kim Garam Leaves LE SSERAFIM, Terminates Exclusive Contract With HYBE 2022 #Celebrity

After several weeks of hiatus following accusations of school bullying towards LE SSERAFIM member Kim Garam, HYBE Labels released a statement informing that the singer will no longer be part of the company. What exactly happened?

kim garam will no longer be a part of LE SSERAFIM, HYBE Labels and SOURCE MUSIC, so the agency decided when announcing that they would end their exclusive contract with the member after the controversy in which she was involved.

Prior to LE SSERAFIM’s debut, internet rumors began surrounding member Kim Garam, suggesting that the member had been actively involved in School bullyingannoying one of her classmates.

After the rumors and evidence began to sound more on the internet, the fans of the group that was about to debut began to ask for the departure of the member of the group, but HYBE Labels took the case protecting the minor. Until now that they decided end your exclusive contract.

Ended exclusive contract with Kim Garam with HYBE Labels after controversies

Through a official statement of HYBE Labels and SOURCE MUSIC, it was reported that member kim garam de LE SSERAFIM will end his relationship with the group and the company when the exclusive contract he had with the agency comes to an end.

In the statement, HYBE mentions that after reviewing information and discussing Kim Garam’s future activities, it was decided that they would end their exclusive contract with the young

In addition to that they mentioned that they wanted to apologize to the fans of LE SSERAFIM who showed love and support to the group for causing them concern over the controversy surrounding one of the members.

It was also reported that LE SSERAFIM would continue their promotions as a group of five members and that they hope the fans continue to support the group in their future projects.

HYBE apologized for the way they handled the situation with Kim Garam

On the other hand, after the announcement of the departure of kim garam of the company, a representative of HYBE Labels apologized for the manner in which they handled the case of the controversy. The representative mentioned that although they tried to handle the case in the best way and with care, there were some aspects that the agency that were inappropriate and wanted apologize.

Since the rumors started, many fans showed their dissatisfaction with Kim Garam’s staying in the group, such as not including her in the fanchants or not shouting when the girl appeared on stage. Rumors started days before the group’s debut and Kim Garam only promoted for three weeks with LE SSERAFIM.

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