Kim Hyun Joong Reappears After His Wedding, What Does He Do These Days? 2022 #Celebrity

Kim Hyun Joong‘s fans heard from this boy again, just a few months ago he announced his wedding plans at a concert and now he returns to social media after taking this important step in his life.

If there is something that has not been missing in the entertainment of South Korea this year are the weddingseveral celebrities have married in ceremonies that captivated the eyes of fans and, although in the case of Kim HyunJoong There were no photos or updates at the time, he made sure his fans were aware.

Through an online concert, Kim Hyun Joong announced his wedding plans and it was recently revealed that the singer had already contracted marriagebut now more joyful news reaches fans, as the singer is back on social media.

Kim Hyun Joong Shares New Photos Of Having Fun

Until recently, the singer had been sharing news about his MUSIC IN KOREA project, but what is Kim Hyun Joong doing these days? This boy shared a glimpse of his joyful experiences as he had a fun time on the golf course.

The also drama actor shared a photograph with those with whom he enjoyed a day of golf outdoors and also added the message:

The rainy season has started

Why was Kim Hyun Joong’s wedding kept totally private?

During the concert where the wedding plans were announced, he shared that he would marry the person he loves, but since he is not a public figure, they preferred to keep everything private.

In addition, since at the time of the announcement the restrictions for the conservation of health and prevention were stricter, they considered that the best thing would be for the wedding to take place in a simple way and without too many people.

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