Kim Kardashian in The Worst Shape Since Her Separation From Pete Davidson!

Kim Kardashian is at its worst. Indeed, since the star is no longer with Pete Davidson she broods.

Kim Kardashian is not in her best shape right now. And for good reason, the star of the Web has just broken up with Pete Davidson.



For the past few days, the media around the world have only been talking about this. Thus, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are no longer in a relationship.

Indeed, the two lovebirds broke up after 9 months of relationship. Which is not nothing anyway. Yes, because between the comedian and the star of the Web there was a real chemistry.

One thing is certain, the end of this idyll is far from reaching North’s mother. And for good reason, Kim Kardashian was very attached to the young man.

The proof, they even had plans for the future together. But, given the situation, the latter fall into the water. Much to the chagrin of the star.

After all, as the saying goes, all good things come to an end. But, if Kim Kardashian is at rock bottom, there is one who is rubbing his hands.

Yes, it will have escaped no one, faced with this situation, there can only be one who can be happy with the situation. It is indeed Kanye West, the American rapper.

While waiting to find out what the rapper’s intentions are, Kim Kardashian above all needs support. Yes, because the star of the networks is like everyone else during a breakup.


A few days ago, the world woke up to some unexpected news. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have separated. Something that few people expected.

And for good reason, there is still a week, everyone said that they spun the perfect love. But, we must believe that the reality was quite different.

Moreover, Kim Kardashian fans are beginning to wonder if their relationship was not already running out of steam. A hypothesis that could stand up to the sudden end of their love story.

Anyway, the star of the Web needs his family and loved ones more than ever. And yes because, in addition to having to manage her breakup, she must also again undergo her ex-husband.

Moreover, Kim Kardashian is once again very disappointed by the attitude of the latter. Barely hours after the announcement of his breakup with Pete Davidson, the rapper returned to the old ways.

“Skete Davidson died at the age of 28,” he posted on his Instagram account. A joke that did not amuse the mother of her children at all. Quite the contrary!

“Kim is incredibly upset…Kanye has returned to her old ways and she will not tolerate her bullying behavior towards the people she loves and cares about,” a source close to Kim Kardashian said. One thing is certain, the businesswoman asks only one thing, that the latter leaves her alone.

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