Kim Kardashian Supports Pete Davidson in Therapy!

Kim Kardashian: After Kanye West’s post, Pete Davidson decided to seek therapy. Despite their separation, Kim Kardashian supports the comedian! A few days ago, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson decided to end their romantic relationship. Kanye West took the opportunity to tackle the comedian. Because of this relentlessness, the latter would have decided to undergo therapy.


Since Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson decided to get together, they have been victims of harassment from Kanye West. At the beginning of their relationship, the latter did not let them go.

Kanye West used his social networks to violently tackle the couple. And the least we can say is that he didn’t go out of his way with Pete Davidson. Fortunately, the latter has always been able to count on the support of Kim Kardashian.

As a reminder, the rapper had even simulated the living burial of Pete Davidson. Despite everything, the latter had managed to move forward. And this, thanks to his sweetheart. But a few days ago things changed.

And for good reason, they have put an end to their love relationship. For his part, Kanye West reacted very quickly. Indeed, he announced the death of the comedian. A new relentlessness towards him that he did not support. He decided to go to therapy.

A source told Page Six about Kim Kardashian’s ex: “Kim was very supportive of Pete going to therapy. Kanye was very detrimental. He was posting negative things.

Before adding: “Now add thousands and thousands of comments. Someone has to work with you to deal with something like this.”


If Kim Kardashian’s ex wants to go to therapy, it’s also because he received death threats from Kanye West fans. “Getting death threats from [Kanye] fans and all the negative attention online doesn’t do the ‘normal’ person any good.”

“Add someone with mental illness, and it’s even worse.” A source has revealed that Kim Kardashian was “livid and incredibly upset” when she saw Kanye West’s post.

The young woman did not appreciate this intimidation of the rapper at all. She would have him to delete the post. For his part, Pete Davidson also takes advantage of Australia to heal himself.

The source revealed that he “is still in therapy, but focused on his film.” If Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have ended their relationship, it is because of the distance.

“They also stayed together for nine months. He’s been [in Australia] for three months. She has four children and several large businesses. It just didn’t work.”

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