Kim Kardashian Unfollow Kanye West After His Clash Against Pete Davidson!

Despite Kanye West’s recent apology, Kim Kardashian preferred to cut ties with the father of her children than on Instagram. Kim Kardashian is taking a new step in her divorce from Kanye West. And this, after all the accusations and stories about her relationship with Pete Davidson. She therefore decided to remove the rapper from her Instagram account.


After giving Kim Kardashian a truckload of flowers for Valentine’s Day, Kanye West apologized to her. It seems that over the weekend of February 12, the rapper put a lot of thought into his final acts.

Indeed, it has already been several weeks since Kim Kardashian’s ex has been attacking her new relationship with Pete Davidson. While the rapper was still dating Julia Fox. Which leaves his fans a little puzzled.

Even if Kanye West seemed to rebuild his life with the 32-year-old actress, he kept increasing his attempts to win back Kim Kardashian. Thus, Wednesday, February 16, the rapper posted a long message of apology for his attitude.

Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband posted this message: “I’ve learned that writing all caps makes people feel like I’m yelling at them. I work on my communication. Thank you all for supporting me. “Before continuing with these words:” I know that the sharing of screenshots was shocking and gave the impression that I was harassing Kim Kardashian. I take responsibility for it. I am still learning every moment. I don’t have all the answers. Being a good leader means listening. So Ye made his mea culpa on Instagram.

Kanye West even manages to alienate his own friends on the pretext that they dated Pete Davidson. This is also the case with Kid Cudi. Yes, his jealousy goes very far.

But, it looks like Kim Kardashian is tired of stumbling across her ex’s Instagram posts.


Before Kanye West finally apologized, Kim Kardashian had asked him to stop this whole circus by message. For good reason, the mother of Nort, Saint, Psalm and Chicago West is more than tired of her ex endangering the safety and life of Pete Davidson.

The beautiful brunette is doing everything possible to rebuild her life without the father of her children, but this one does not make her task any easier, he even makes the situation worse. Followed by more than 14 million fans, Kanye West conveyed a lot of quite hateful messages towards Pete Davidson.

What prompted Kim Kardashian to sound the alarm. Thus, in a screenshot posted by Kanye West, the mother of North West then appears very worried. In this message she wrote: “Someone is going to come after Pete and it will be your fault”.

She therefore took the lead in deciding to remove her ex Kanye West from her Instagram account. By doing this, Kim Kardashian may be hoping that he will eventually calm down. Because it’s all very well to apologize, but the beautiful brunette wants at all costs to take care of her new relationship with Pete Davidson.

Kim Kardashian proves once again that she wants to do things right in her new relationship. It would seem that his affair with Pete Davidson is more serious than that of Kanye West and Julia Fox which lasted two months.

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