Kim Se Jeong Memes Iconic for Their Funny Expressions 2022 #Celebrity

The actress and singer Kim Se Jeong has always shown to have a charismatic and jovial personality, she is not afraid of making a fool of herself with all kinds of expressions that end up turning her into a meme princess because of her gestures. What are the best memes that have been born from Kim Se Jeong’s expressions?

Kim Se-jeong He has appeared in several dramas where he has made fans laugh out loud. Not only because of his charisma, but also because of how funny his expressionseven creating new memes with its scenes.

If you are a fan of the memes that were born in your favorite K-Dramas, these are some scenes of the best expressions by Kim Se Jeong that are perfect to star in your memes. Without a doubt, you will want to use them in all your publications.

Kim Se-jeong She gained massive popularity this year after her appearance in A Business Proposal as Shin Ha Ri, a food researcher who ended up caught in a lie by pretending to be her own boss’s wealthy girlfriend.

Memes of the characters that Kim Se Jeong has played

Many of Kim Se Jeong’s characters are hilarious and their expressions are iconic. Like this scene that’s perfect for creating a ‘when you’re really hungry but the gossip is hot’ meme, you can always pay attention to both.

On the other hand, although it was a sad scene, the scene where Kim Se Jeong is covering his eyes spoons is perfect for a meme where you don’t want to see something. Something like: If I don’t see, it doesn’t hurt.

Shin Ha Ri and Kang Tae Mo’s first date was unforgettable, and the expressions Kim Se Jeong gave us were iconic. Like this scene, which is perfect when you want to explain something or wrap up a story you wanted to tell a long time ago.

A scene from his new drama Today’s Webtoon is perfect to use as a meme, especially when the problems you have surround you and you can’t escape from them anymore.

Lastly, a scene from Kim Se-jeong crying drunk could not miss. Well she’s perfect for memes of all kinds, especially when something happens and the situation warrants it. What is your favorite?

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