Kim Woo Bin Cheered his Alienoid Co-Star on His Graduation 2022 #Celebrity

Kim Woo Bin is one of the leads in Alienoid, a new science fiction movie. The actor quickly became close to his castmates. As soon as he heard that one of them would have a special occasion, he didn’t hesitate to send a gift. This is how Choi Yu Ri, the child actress who appears in the film, received a gift from the actor.

Kim Woobin made her screen partner’s day with a special gift. Via Instagram, the child actress Choi Yu Ri commented that the actor had sent him a gift for his graduation.

Kim Woobin has always been one of the most loved actors in South Korea and always wins the sweetie of his castmates in the dramas and movies in which he participates. Like in Alienoid, where the child actress Choi Yu Ri She was completely charmed by how attentive and sweet the actor can be.

Alienoid is a science fiction movie that premiered a few days ago. In it, actress Kim Tae Ri participates with Kim Woo Bin. The film is about time travel, magic and alien invasions, an action-packed story.

Kim Woo Bin Gifting Alienoid Child Actress Choi Yu Ri An iPhone

Through her Instagram account, the child actress Choi Yu Ri shared that he received a special gift from actor Kim Woo Bin. Both celebrities worked together on Alienoid, a new sci-fi movie, and formed a tender friendship on set.

In her publication, the actress mentioned that when Kim Woobin asked him what gift wanted for her graduation, she stated that she only wanted a case for your colors. However, the gift she received was an elegant pencil case for her along with a iPhone. In addition to that, a sticker with the message ‘I’m supporting you’ was included.

The young actress assured that she was grateful with the gift and that he would put it to good use. Adding various emojis and stars to your post. Without a doubt, it was one of the best gifts the actress received for her graduation. Here you can see the photo that she shared on her Instagram.

In addition to that, the child actress shared a Photography beside Kim Woobin that you have as a wallpaper on your cell phone. This photo was taken during the recording of Alienoid, a film in which both appear.

Choi Yu Ri mentioned that Kim Woo Bin is a very sweet person.

On the other hand, the child actress choi yuri He commented that during the recordings Kim Woo Bin always gave him all kinds of gifts and that the actor is a very nice person. loving and that he cares a lot about him wellness of others. For this reason, the actress cannot avoid having it as a wallpaper.

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