Korean Actors We Love in Teen Romance Dramas 2022 #Celebrity

Korean Actors: We tell you about several actors who gave life to characters in young love dramas, all of them have what it takes to play the first love of the protagonist and they showed it in some Korean series.

Romantic dramas that are youth-themed, or that at least show a bit of the protagonists falling in love when they were students, often include actors that they have some qualities in common, have you noticed?

When the korean actors must give life to the ‘first love‘ or a crush in the time of youth, we usually see characters with a dose of innocence, a tender or pure look and a simple look, not very fashionable or too rebellious.

Can you think of anyone who looks like this in K-Dramas? Below we present several actors who participated in stories of young love and that they have everything to captivate hearts with the vibe described above, tell us who is your favorite or if you would add someone else to the list.

Drama actors with the romantic vibe of first love

This boy gave life to the youth version of Jaehyun in the drama When My Love Blooms and with that character we knew that he has everything to be named the first love in the world of dramas.

Cha Eun Woo’s great appeal accompanies him in all his characters, but in True Beauty he showed that the school theme goes very well with his style, as he became the celebrity crush of many while giving life to Jookyung’s first love.

Although in Boys Over Flowers we saw him playing a casanova, we must admit that his smile carries a dose of special charm that surely made him the favorite of many on and off screen.

In Love Alarm he played Kim Jojo’s first true love, although Sunoh’s character was a very popular model and the celebrity vibe doesn’t usually go hand in hand with the ‘first love’ style in dramas, when this actor throws an innocent look everything changes.

The NCT member recently debuted as an actor and his participation in the third season of the drama Cafe Midnight let us see that he also has that youthful romance vibe, don’t you think?

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