Korean Actors Who Played Emissaries of Death 2022 #Celebrity

In South Korea, dramas featuring emissaries of death are becoming more and more popular. Their belief says that these people are in charge of collecting souls when someone loses their life. Many actors have been in charge of interpreting these mysterious beings and their performances have completely fallen in love with the fans.

Although they are supernatural beings, actors who have played the emissaries of death in different dramas they always end up stealing the hearts of the viewers. Whether it’s because of the coldness of their characters or because they always wear black, they end up charming many.

Surely you recognize several of them for dramas that obtained great popularity. Others were waiting for you to let you know their stories. But these actors completely touched the hearts of K-Drama fans.

Attractive actors who were angels of death in dramas

One of Lee Dong Wook’s most unforgettable characters is his role in Goblin, where he played an emissary of death who became very fond of humans, causing viewers to shed several tears while watching the series.

In BLACK, Song Seung Heon also stole the hearts of many viewers. Well, he is about an emissary who ends up in love with a woman who can see the shadow of death. During the drama, together they begin to save lives as their love blossoms.

In Tomorrow, despite being a cold and aloof emissary, Lee Soo Hyuk stole the hearts of viewers with his great looks and personality. In addition to that, he, in his own way, sought to do good with souls.

In the drama 49 days, Jung Il Woo is an emissary of death who ends up in love with a young woman who is in a coma and is about to die. His role moved thousands and completely stole their hearts.

Although he was only a temporary emissary for six months and was in charge of saving lives and not collecting them, Ro Woon also stole the hearts of fans in Tomorrow, as his charming character and his need for justice made him completely adored.

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