Korean Actors Who Were Blonde in Unforgettable Dramas 2022 #Celebrity

Korean Actors: Although in South Korea, most people have black or dark-colored hair, many Korean actors have played characters with other colored hair, and with their unique looks they have left a mark on the hearts of movie lovers. K-Dramas. Who are these actors?

A lots of korean actors have tried dyeing blond hair from time to time and several of them did it especially to play unforgettable characters in different dramas Some without a doubt remained completely in your memory.

For K-Drama lovers, seeing an actor with dyed hair is always quite exciting because you have no idea what kind of character he is going to play, whether it is a cheerful young man or the bad boy from high school, dyeing your hair could mean many things.

For this reason, this time we remember several Korean actors who completely stole the hearts of their fans when they decided to bleach their hair and play iconic characters in different Korean dramas.

K-Drama Actors Who Were Iconic With Blonde Hair In Every Episode

In the drama Tomorrow’s Cantabile, Go Kyung Pyo played a charismatic violinist who in the same drama describes himself as the G-Dragon of classical music. Without a doubt, he took the unique style of the rapper and embodied it in his character.

In the drama My Lovely Girl, Kim Myung Soo plays a famous idol who ends up falling in love with a trainee from his company, who is played by f(X)’s Krystal. Although being idols it is not difficult for them to constantly change their hair color, they loved it on the show.

At Moorim School, Lee Hyun Woo He also plays a well-known idol who ends up going to a school, where he gets involved in a high school romance.

  • Lee Hong Gi in You’re Beautiful, You’re Handsome

Jeremy is one of the most beloved characters by K-Drama fans. Lee Honggi He plays a member of ANJell and each episode made fans happy with how sweet and absent-minded he could be, even completely moving everyone when he fell in love with Park Shin Hye’s character with no idea she was actually a woman.

In the drama After School: Lucky or Not, Seo Kang Joon decided to dye his hair blonde for his iconic character, a rebellious student who also has a big and charming heart. Which actor do you remember the most?

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