Korean Actresses Who Have Played Lawyers in Dramas 2022 #Celebrity

Lawyer and prosecutor dramas are very popular in South Korea and are full of all kinds of cases where the protagonists fight to get justice for innocent people. These are some actresses who have defended the most helpless on the small screen.

There are many Korean Actresses that stand out in each of their performances. Especially the ones that play lawyers and they stand before a podium to defend their clients, in order to seek justice. These are some of them who have played characters that you can hardly forget.

If you are a lover of K-Dramas, surely you have been interested in the stories where lawyers and prosecutors face each other to solve all kinds of cases and seek to give justice to the victims and unjustly accused people. These are some actresses with iconic interpretations of lawyers.

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Korean actresses who did justice as lawyers in dramas

  • Park Eun Bin – Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Park Eun Bin has become one of the hottest actresses right now with her portrayal of Woo Young Woo, a lawyer on the autism spectrum who loves the law and is determined to prove what a good lawyer she is. Without a doubt, one of the most outstanding roles of her career.

In this drama, Seo Hyun Jin plays a lawyer with questionable morals who is willing to do anything to win cases for her clients, even if it often affects third parties. An intense story featuring Hwang In Yeop as the lawyer’s love interest.

  • Lee Bo Young – I Hear Your Voice

Although she starts out as a lawyer who has absolutely no interest in truly helping her clients, Lee Bo Young has a great character evolution in I Hear Your Voice and quickly becomes the champion of the weak, winning multiple cases in company of Lee Jong Suk.

  • Jo Yeo Jung – Divorce Lawyer in Love

In this drama Jo Yeo Jung plays Go Cheok Hee, a lawyer who is willing to go to great lengths to win each of her cases. A fun legal romance romantic comedy in which the actress plays a colorful and hilarious character.

  • Lee Se Young – Love According To Law

Although this drama is still in filming, Lee Se Young will play a lawyer who opens her own cafe and law firm after leaving one of the best law firms in Seoul. In this drama she will appear with the popular actor Lee Seung Gi and it is a story that many are waiting for.

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