Korean Actresses Who Look Spectacular With Short Hair 2022 #Celebrity

There is a great debate about whether short hair or long hair is better. Although tastes break across genres, many actresses have proven to look amazing with short hair, causing viewers to want to imitate their styles. These are the actresses who recently stole the hearts of fans with short hair.

In 2022, several korean actresses they surprised us wearing short hair and in each of their dramas they looked spectacular. The actresses who wear this style the most are Kim Go Eun, Kim Hee Sun, Seol In Ah, Jeon Mi Do, and Yoo Sun.

If you want to drastically change your look and have no idea what style to imitate, these Korean actresses could inspire you to go short. Well, they showed that this 2022, short hair is in fashion and looks spectacular. How many of these dramas have you seen?

Korean actresses who played characters with short hair

The actress who plays Yumi in Yumi’s Cell fascinated fans with her short hair look since the first season. Although currently her character has decided to grow her hair long, her cut still fascinated many of the viewers.

In Tomorrow, actress Kim Hee Sun enchanted viewers with her short pink hair, a unique look that many fantasy color lovers wanted to imitate. Well, the actress looked amazing with this style. In A Business Proposal, Seol In Ah stole everyone’s hearts by being Kim Se Jeong’s fun millionaire friend. In addition to stealing everyone’s hearts with her short hair.

In drama 39, actress Jeon Mi Do sported an amazing copper-brown haircut that made her look very young, and many viewers were charmed by her style. Actress Yoo Sun from Eve has been a great rival for Seo Ye Ji, as well as looking amazing and intimidating with her haircut, which fascinated viewers with its elegant style.

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