Korean Music Group BTS Announce Their ‘Leaving’

BTS, one of the most popular music groups in the world, announced that they are leaving temporarily by holding a farewell party. Korean pop group BTS, who broke Billboard’s 23-year record with the song Butter last year, also broke the record for the most listened song on YouTube and Spotify in just 24 hours with the same song. Let’s also remind that BTS, one of the most popular groups of recent years, has a huge fan base spread all over the world.

However, BTS made a statement today that shocked their fans. According to the statement, the group announced that they were splitting up as BTS to allow the members to focus on their own projects.


The group held a farewell party

In the BTS Festa video they released, one of the members of the group, Kim Nam-joon, announced that the members of the team want to focus on individual projects, so they will take a break from BTS’ projects for a while. Adding that they had difficulty in making this decision, the group members explained that they achieved a lot of success under the name of BTS, but they wanted to produce projects on their own in order to ‘mature’ themselves.

Stating that this is a difficult decision for both the fans and themselves, RM explained that they will make some decisions about the careers of both the members and the group during this separation process. The members, who describe themselves as “artists who constantly work and work for the group”, said that they want to do individual projects to promote their names to music producers and they want to “renew” themselves.

It is not yet clear how long BTS will stay apart.

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