Lee Jong Suk and Yoona Confessed What Their Relationship Was Like in Big Mouth 2022 #Celebrity

Lee Jong Suk: Following the announcement of the Big Mouth cast, many people were waiting to see Lee Jong Suk and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA’s chemistry on screen. However, due to the nature of the story, they had very few scenes together. The actors talked about it in a recent interview.

YoonA by Girls’ Generation and Lee Jong Suk impressed viewers with their chemistry in Big Mouth, a new drama of intrigue and suspense. However, the actors were a bit apprehensive about how their partner would be received and they talked about.

Big Mouth It’s the new drama Lee Jong Suk. Who was on hiatus for nearly two years after entering military service. This comeback had been highly anticipated by his fans and K-Drama lovers, who couldn’t wait to see what his relationship with Girls’ Generation’s Yoona would be like.

In a recent interview, the actors talked about it, about how it was Record their couple scenes and the rest of the drama from separate points. Since the story put them in different locations.

Lee Jong Suk And YoonA Seeked To Support Each Other Despite Not Having Many Scenes Together

In a recent interview, Lee Jong Suk and YoonA They talked about what it was like to film their scenes as a couple and the concern they had about not showing true chemistry on screen due to the little time they spent together during the filming of Big Mouth.

Both actors mentioned that they knew there were many expectations about how they would see the relationship of their characters and feared disappointing viewers by learning that they had very few scenes together. Since their characters are at separate points in the story, they couldn’t see much of each other during filming.

Lee Jong Suk He confessed that to record the scenes in which his character thought about his wife, what he did was watch scenes that YoonA was recording elsewhere, that way he helped himself get into his character and record a better scene.

For its part, YoonA He assured that in the scenes in which the couple is shown in the past, he decided to give his all, seeking to demonstrate in those few scenes the Connection that both characters should have. Similarly, she mentioned that she was impressed by the retailer who is Lee Jong Suk during the recordings. What did you think of the couple’s chemistry?

Where can I watch Big Mouth with Spanish subtitles?

So far, no official platform has announced that it will upload the drama of Big Mouth. However, if you want to see the current chapters with Spanish subtitles, you can see it through the doramasflix site. It is a story full of intrigue and emotion that you will not want to miss, making for an impressive return to the small screen for Lee Jong Suk. Are you already watching it?

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