Lee Jong Suk and YoonA Cry Upon Seeing Each Other 2022 #Celebrity

Lee Jong Suk: One of the new dramas that is captivating everyone is Big Mouth, the legal-themed story has intrigue, mystery, and danger, but also a very sweet couple. Park Chang Ho and Go Mi Ho met again after difficulties separated them.

are you watching this drama on air? MBC and Disney + have just released Big Mouth, a series that tells us the story of a very bad lawyer at his job who one day ends up involved in a case where he is accused as a criminal.

This is the second weekend of kdramabut the characters have already caught the attention of fans. Lee Jong Suk is the one who gives life to the lawyer Park Chang Ho, while YoonA is Go Mi Ho, his wife.

At the beginning of the drama we saw how the romance between them appeared and then how their married life faced ups and downs, so the fights and claims seemed frequent. They had to part when Chang Ho he was taken to prison and his visits remained restricted. How was the expected meeting of him?

Lee Jong Suk And YoonA Tears Seeing Each Other Again On Big Mouth Episode 3

Previously, my ho She sent a message to Chang Ho through the television cameras, pointing out that although she was not allowed to see him, she was supporting him and would prove his innocence, so he should not give up, but wait to be with his family again.

In the chapter 3 of Big Mouththe character de YoonA finally gets permission to see her husband, but as soon as they see each other, tears fall down Chang Ho’s face as the girl tries to comfort him, however, she can’t help but be overwhelmed by emotions as well.

Big Mouth receives good comments for the main couple’s chemistry

Now what New episodes of this drama were revealed and we could see how much the protagonists missed each other, the fans have not stopped giving compliments to the protagonists, because their chemistry managed to accelerate hearts.

The korean series It just started, so we can expect many surprises and unexpected twists, but also a dose of humor and adrenaline throughout the plot.

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