Lee Jong Suk Celebrated His Birthday With The Cast of Big Mouth 2022 #Celebrity

Lee Jong Suk: Big Mouth is Lee Jong Suk’s new drama, his first project after finishing his military service. This series premiered a few days ago and the company revealed a behind-the-scenes video of how the first episodes were filmed. In one of the scenes, it was seen how the Big Mouth staff and cast celebrated Lee Jong Suk’s birthday.

Lee Jong Suk was surprised by the staff of Big Mouth in its birthday. This was revealed in the behind-the-scenes scenes of the first chapters of the drama. The actor was happy to see how they surprised him with a pie.

Lee Jong Suk he is a very committed actor and does not rest even on his birthday. From early the idol went to the film set of Big Mouth and he worked with discipline without imagining that he would be surprised by the film crew with a cake.

The actor had a birthday September 14, when the filming of the drama began, as they were recording scenes from the first chapters. Without a doubt, he was pleasantly surprised with the celebration that the Big Mouth cast prepared for him.

Big Mouth’s team brought Lee Jong Suk a cake for his birthday

Despite spending long hours recording the drama, the team of Big Mouth He did not overlook Lee Jong Suk’s birthday and did not hesitate to surprise the actor in the middle of one of the scenes, appearing with a pie and singing to celebrate.

In the behind-the-scenes of the first episodes of Big Mouth, you can see a scene where Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, actor Lee Ki Young and Lee Jong Suk They are having dinner together. However, while recording, they were interrupted by a member of staff who appeared with a birthday cake.

Instantly, Lee Jong Suk couldn’t help but laugh shyly and his fellow cast members and staff present began to sing ‘Happy Birthday‘ for the actor. Lee Jong Suk had a birthday on September 14, when the drama began filming. You can see the moment when he receives the cake from him here:

Where can I watch Big Mouth with Spanish subtitles?

The first episodes of Big Mouth You can see it through the doramasflix portal and they are already subtitled in Spanish. This story is about a lawyer who is not very good at his cases, however, one day he is wrongly accused of murder and taken to prison, where his personality changes drastically. Are you already watching Lee Jong Suk’s new drama?

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