Lee Jung Jae’s Hunt has been viewed by 2 million people 2022 #celebrity

A week ago, Hunt, Lee Jung Jae’s new movie, premiered. In this movie, the Squid Game actor not only appears as the lead, but also made his directorial debut. Seven days after its premiere, Hunt has been seen by many people, obtaining great recognition

hunt is the new movie Lee Jung Jaea week after its launch, remains the crowd favorite korean and over 2 millions They have gone to the cinema to see it. What achievements has she obtained?

Lee Jung Jae made his directorial debut in the film hunt, an action-packed mystery film that has completely fascinated Korean audiences since its release. To such a degree of obtaining several achievements after its launch.

Hunt leads the box office in theaters and his ticket sales are amazing

Lee Jung Jae’s debut as a director has been a success, his film hunt has proven to be very popular in South Korea in its first week and the box office proves it.

According to him Korean Film Councilon August 16 the film Hunt surpassed the sale of two million tickets in theaters in South Korea. In addition to that, during the seven days in which it has been in theaters, the film has remained in the position #1 of the public’s favorite movie, being the most sought after this week.

To celebrate your great achievement, Lee Jung Jae, Jung Woo Sung, and Jung Man Shik uploaded a video celebrating their movie’s 2 million viewers, bringing much joy to the fans who follow these artists. !! Congratulations!!

What is Hunt about? The film Lee Jung Jae made his directorial debut with

hunt is an action movie that tells the story of two spies from the National Security Planning Agency who must face each other as they uncover a truth they had no idea about while investigating the manager of the South Korean spy agency. Since the movie is still in theaters, there are no links to enjoy it yet. However, fans hope that they will soon be able to see her. Would you like to enjoy this movie in the cinema?

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