Lee Min Ho Trains Diving in The Pool and Has A Fall 2022 #Celebrity

Lee Min Ho: What is Lee Min Ho doing these days? The actor shared that he has been spending time in the pool and paid special attention to practicing his dives from the diving board, but things did not go as we imagined and the training took a fun turn.

Actor Lee Min Ho has been keeping his social media accounts up to date, so new photos and videos of his day-to-day life keep pouring in to conquer the internet. This guy is an expert at stealing sighs and making his fans happy, but now he managed to make them laugh out loud.

the protagonist of TheHeirs He already has plans to star in a new K-Drama, but while we wait for his return to the screen, he hasn’t stopped keeping in touch with his fans.

This time Lee Min Ho shared photos and videos of his visit to a large swimming pool where in addition to looking fit he was able to practice some nailedhow good is he in this discipline?

Lee Min Ho in the pool is a combination with guaranteed fun

The first video in the post of korean actor let us see a video where he takes off, runs towards the trampoline to propel himself and jumps, only if you were expecting to see a professional, you will be surprised to see that Lee Min Ho manages to take off awkwardly and falls into the water splashing a lot of water, something which made fans laugh.

But the fun was about to continue, for in the sequence of photos below, he captured the ill-advised turn of his nailed in different movements, which made the moment more fun.

Lee Min Ho Pampers MINOZ With Pool Selfies And Hearts Flutter

Although the comments of Lee Min Ho’s photo on Instagram were filled with laughing emojis and messages of encouragement for the drama actor, after that he came back with a new post where he included selfies taken in the pool.

On this occasion, the likes and emojis of hearts triumphed in the comments section, because nobody expected this second surprise from the celebrity.

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