Lee Min Ho Turned 35 and Showed Off His Gifts on Instagram 2022 #Celebrity

Lee Min Ho: One of the most famous and beloved actors in South Korea is Lee Min Ho, who on June 22 celebrated his birth with an adorable cake and gifts that Minoz around the world collected for him. The actor did not miss the opportunity to thank all the love and affection of his fans through Instagram.

Lee Minho celebrated his birthday number 35 surrounded by love from his staff and fans. Despite being filming Ask the Stars, the actor celebrated with fun decorations and a piein addition to receiving thousands of gifts of his fans.

Fans of Lee Min Ho celebrated Lee Min Ho’s birthday around the world by wishing him good wishes and a great year. In addition to continuing to grow as an actor and enjoy good health. To which the actor thanked with tender photographs of his celebrations.

Lee Min Ho Celebrated With A Cute Dinosaur Cake For His Birthday

Through his Instagram account, Lee Min Ho shared photos celebrating his birthday. With a space decoration and a cake full of dinosaur figures, the actor celebrated his 35th birthday.

Despite having a busy schedule for the recordings of his new drama Ask the Stars, the actor took a moment to celebrate his birthday in the company of his staff, showing his fans the tender cake they prepared for him. Lee Min Ho was born on June 22, 1987 in Seoul, South Korea.

Lee Min Ho showed off the gifts his fans sent him for his birthday

Similarly, Lee Min Ho shared the thousands of gifts he received from Minoz, his fans. Showing an entire room completely filled with gift boxes, stuffed animals, balloons, and flowers. Without a single space to be able to walk around the place.

As a description of the photo, Lee Min Ho thanked his fans and assured them that they had made his day very happy with all the gifts received by his followers. Without a doubt, the actor was full of love on this special date.

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