Lee Min Ho’s Most Romantic Scenes in The King: Eternal Monarch 2022 #Celebrity

Lee Min Ho: The King: Eternal Monarch captivated international fans from the moment of its release, but as we delved into the romance of the story, this effect increased. Do you remember the love scenes? Just a few years ago, Lee Min Ho’s return to Korean dramas caused a stir on Korean television. Korea and social networks around the world. After the actor completed his military service, he came back totally ready to pamper us with a new character.

in the plot of The King: Eternal Monarch, Lee Minho gives life to lee gon, a young king who after losing his father at an early age had to ascend to the throne. However, beyond his work as a monarch, we also saw him experience love.

Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun They gave life to the leading couple of this drama and here we tell you about some scenes they filmed together that revealed the sweetest side of Lee Gon.

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The King: Eternal Monarch, moments where Lee Gon showed his most loving side

On Tae Eul’s first visit to the kingdom of Korea, the protagonist was in charge of pampering her and personally went to the kitchen to prepare a dish for her.

A scene that took everyone’s breath away occurs when Ta Eul is taken from one world to another and Lee Gon rushes to her rescue in the company of an entire army. When Lee Min Ho referred to the girl as the future queen it was like everything else stopped.

When Tae Eul is resting in the Palace, they both discuss the theories about the journey from one world to the other and because of this the girl exposes her neck, but Lee Gon takes the opportunity to give her a surprise kiss.

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The protagonists traveled by helicopter and, although there were other people around them, they made sure to convey their emotions with a very peculiar conversation.

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