Liam Payne Talks About BTS And Infuriates ARMY With An Interview

Liam Payne: BTS fans think that Liam Payne and Logan Paul minimized the great impact of the K-Pop band, what did the British singer say about idols? Here we tell you.

The singer Liam Payne He has not stopped giving what to talk about and the fans of various musical artists are not happy with it, because the actions and comments of this boy caused the anger of many fandoms, including fans of BTS.

Although the Family interpreter had previously revealed that what the K-Pop band was doing in the music industry seemed great to him, he recently had an interview for the podcast of logan paulwhere both caused the fury of many Internet users.

But what exactly was it that bothered ARMY? Here’s why fans of these idols had a lot to say about Liam’s appearance on the show.

BTS: Did Liam Payne and Logan Paul downplay the K-Pop band and its impact?

In addition to many controversial comments that we will talk about later, during the IMPAULSIVE podcast, Logan Paul began by pointing out the great impact that one direction had in music, however he pointed out that they are the biggest boy band in the world in terms of their success:

You’re part of One Direction, probably the biggest boy band of all time and they haven’t replicated (their success) yet… I don’t know if there is (anyone as successful as 1D)… other than K-Pop.

To begin with, fans were puzzled to note that they seemed to judge the impact of the k pop in a different category but what did Liam Payne say about it?

Yeah, I think some of the K-Pop bands have turned the thing back on. I mean, obviously, we also have 5 Seconds of Summer. That worked pretty well…

Considering the countless records that bts has had throughout their career and they keep coming in droves, many weren’t happy to see the British-Irish band being hailed as the biggest hit of all time, but the fan annoyance was just beginning.

Liam Payne pisses off fans of BTS, One Direction and 5SOS

The admirers of 5 Seconds of Summer They also joined the criticism against the podcast and singer Liam Payne, noting that he spoke of the band’s success as a thing of the past even though they continue to release music and play sold-out concerts around the world.

As if that were not enough, even the Directioners showed their disagreement with the boy’s comments, since he did not hesitate to point out that he was supposedly the one who had better musical sales than his former groupmates, something that most questioned.

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