Line Up, Date and Everything About The Festival in Chile 2022 #Celebrity

Chilean K-Pop fans will soon experience a great concert with great guest artists. Music Bank will have a new show in Santiago de Chile and several of the groups that will attend are among the most popular in K-Pop today, this is the confirmed line-up so far.

Music Bank in Chile 2022 is already a reality and confirmed K-Pop groups completely moved all the fans. Well, they are several of the most popular groups of the new generation. Do you want to know what will be the line-up?

K-Pop returns strongly to Chile and this year you will be able to enjoy the festival again Music Bankan event that brings together many of the most popular groups of the moment and that no fan wants to miss.

From the hand of Noix Entertainmentcompany in charge of bringing the event to Chilean lands, these are several of the groups that have been confirmed so far and that will make Chilean K-Pop fans have an unforgettable night.

What is the confirmed line-up for the Music Bank of Chile 2022?

The Music Bank returns to Santiago de Chile to commemorate the tenth anniversary of this event being held for the first time in that country. Although the lineup is very different from the first concert that Music Bank had in Chili, the artists confirmed so far caused a great furore among fans. This is the line-up:

  • NCT Dream
  • (G)I-DLE
  • TXT

When will the Music Bank be in Chile 2022?

Music Bank 2022 in Santiago de Chile is scheduled for 12th of November and will be brought to fans by the NoiX Entertainment company. The cost of the tickets or when the pre-sale will start has not been revealed so far, but it will be a concert that every K-Pop fan will want to attend. Have you started saving for your ticket yet?

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