Lisa Makes History With Her 2022 MTV VMAs Nomination 2022 #Celebrity

Lisa is a Thai singer who has stood out in the world of K-Pop for being one of the members of the popular group BLACKPINK. In addition to being talented in dancing, she has also shown great presence as a solo artist. To such an extent that her song LALISA of hers is one of the nominees at the MTV VMAs 2022 and got a great title.

Lisa of BLACKPINK made K-Pop history with his nomination to the MTV VMAs 2022. The Thai singer has received great popularity with her solo songs, among which are hits like LISA and MONEY.

BLINK couldn’t be more proud of BLACKPINK’s Lisa, who not only stands out in the world of fashion, like her recent appearance at a CELINE event at Paris Fashion Week. The Thai singer has shown her great power with her music, to the point of being nominated for the MTV VMAs.

There are several groups of K-Pop who have been nominated for MTV Awards this year, but none managed to capture the title that the Thai singer achieved in her first solo nomination at the awards. What did she get her?

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is the first K-Pop soloist to be nominated for VMAs

Thai singer Lisa made history at the MTV Video Music Awards by becoming the first soloist of k pop to be nominated for awards. Achievement that no other K-Pop artist had achieved, until now.

Nominated with song LISABLACKPINK’s Lisa will compete solo in the category Best K-Pop against groups like TWICE, BTS, ITZY, SEVENTEEN, and Stray Kids. She being the only K-Pop soloist to have been nominated for awards.

LALISA currently exceeds 226 million views on Spotify and is one of the most popular songs by the Thai singer along with MONEY, which became a trend months ago due to its powerful rhythm. Do you think Lisa could become the first K-Pop solo artist and thai singer to win the prize?

Lisa and BLACKPINK appear in different categories at the VMAs

On the other hand, Lisa will compete in the category of Best K-Popwhile BLACKPINK will be competing in the category of Best Metaverse Presentation for his recent concert BLACKPINK TheVirtual, which was a special event of the PUBG Mobile video game and premiered a couple of days ago. Without a doubt, it is a great day for the group. Do you think they will win in their categories?

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