Lisa Pole Dances At Celine’s After Party in Paris 2022 #Celebrity

Lisa dancing pole dance moved the BLINKs who did not stop following her activities throughout her stay in Paris. The BLACKPINK member had fun and caused a furor on social networks.

It’s been an exciting week for BLACKPINK fans, as we’re constantly receiving updates on BLACKPINK’s activities and iconic moments. Lisa before, during and after your participation in paris fashion week.

Surely you already have your favorite moment of this feat of Lisa, maybe it was her private jet trip, her look at the Céline or his interactions with other celebrities, but the after party of the Fashion Show also gave unforgettable moments to the K-Pop idol, as well as BLINK.

Celine prepared a whole show for her party, music, surrounding lighting and the meeting of world-class artists, but there was also the opportunity for the guests to dance pole dancing and Lisa was encouraged to do so.

Lisa danced pole dance at the Celine Fashion Show after party and moved everyone

In clips posted on social networks, we see Lisa jump to start the pole dance and after a few turns she goes down, but the thai singer she would try again with determination, letting us see how excited she was about it.

This is not the first time we see this girl do pole dancing, as her solo debut with the MV LALISA also has scenes where we see her shine in this activity.

Lisa enjoyed the atmosphere and music at Celine’s party in Paris

Although the clip where the idol from BLACKPINK dances pole dance is the one that is touring social networks, different videos have been released where we see her enjoying the party with other guests.

So while the music and lights lit up the place, Lisa danced very animatedly enjoying everything that Celine prepared for this party full of international stars.

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