Lisa Receives Sweatshirts for Her Pets As Gifts 2022 #Celebrity

Lisa: The BLACKPINK rapper has adopted several cats and a dog that are now part of her life, they give Lisa a lot of joy and affection, but she couldn’t help but show how moved she was to receive a gift that she can use with her pets.

As you know, all BLACKPINK members have one or more pets, while Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé have adorable dogs under their care, Lisa has several cats and the newest member of his pets is a dog called Love.

The thai idol has shown his love for them on many occasions, sometimes he shares photos with his pets or shows them during their live broadcasts, but also cares that they have everything they need.

However, although we know that Lisa’s love for her pets is enormous, the girl’s reactions when talking about them are always very tender, what happened when the member of BLACKPINK got a gift to share with these adorable animals?

Lisa got matching hoodies to wear with her cats and dog

When Lisa was about to release her solo album, she gave several interviews and one of them was for Woody Show, a Thai program where they let her know how proud they are of her for her success in K-Pop and how exciting it was to wait. by LISA.

To celebrate the girl’s achievement in her musical career, they sent her a gift to idol from K-Pop and when she opened it she saw that it was a purple sweatshirt for her, but when she took another look at the box she could see that there were also small sweatshirts for all your pets.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa gets excited about the gifts they give her for her pets

BLINK did not hesitate to point out that, although the interpreter of MONEY she looked happy when she saw the gift that was for her, her reaction was much more tender when she noticed the gifts for all her cats and her dog.

Lisa looked touched and very excited to see that the Thai show thought of each of her pets so she even held the little clothes up to her face.

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