Lisa Shares A Record With BTS’s V for Their Fancams 2022 #Celebrity

Lisa: YG Entertainment’s girl group bursts with talent in each of their performances, there are a large number of clips of BLACKPINK idols on stage, but Lisa’s fancams are standing out in the K-Pop world.

Within BLACKPINK, we find four idols With great beauty and musical talent, their voices have conquered millions of fans, but every time they perform, it is also great to see them dance to the rhythm of the music.

Although the performance videos of this K-Pop group are some of the most viewed in the South Korean music industry, fans love to see the performances in detail and that is why fancams emerged.

All the BLINK’s show their interest in this type of content, but recently it became known that Lisa is the one who has garnered the most popularity when it comes to individual clips of this style, not only within BLACKPINK but in the whole K-Pop.

BLACKPINK Lisa’s Fancams Reach New Milestone For Views

As you read it, Lisa is now the K-Pop female idol who has the most fancams that already exceed 20 million views, making it clear that her delivery on stage is always valued by fans.

Lisa already has 3 fancams that total more than 20 million views, but the numbers are increasing every moment.

V from BTS and Lisa from BLACKPINK are the kings of fancams

Although we have already said that Lisa has the most popular fancams among K-Pop female idols, when we talk about the South Korean music industry in general, she shares a great achievement with V.

The member of BTS he also has 3 fancams that exceed 20 million views, WOW! Both idols have great fame and recognition, because their talent in each presentation is unique.

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