Mark Tuan Reveals What GOT7 Means To Him And Touches AHGASE 2022 #Celebrity

Although all the members of GOT7 are focused on their individual careers, they all have the group in mind at all times. Mark Tuan was in charge of explaining how special it is for him to be part of the group.

East singer debuted with the idol group being a member of the rap line and the member with the most experience in martial arts, like his GOT7 teammates, he has transformed his style and since last year he has entered his solo facet presenting several singles such as last breath and more recently the track imysm.

In addition, it is very common to see this boy modeling for magazines and fashion houses that chose him as an ambassador, but when the time comes to meet again with GOT7 for the long-awaited group comeback, he showed that this is his place.

GOT7 Is Very Important To Its Members, Mark Tuan Reveals Why

As part of their short group EP promotions, the K-Pop idols had their own show where they faced challenges, played games, laughed, and also had emotional moments.

One of them was when Mark Tuan he made it clear that even if he no longer resides in Korea permanently, being part of the group is part of his essence and that’s why he said that for him, GOT7 is a home.

Mark Tuan will release his first album and go on tour, here’s what we know

The first album by Mark Tuan as a solo artist will be released on August 26, 2022, bearing the title of The Other Side. The details of the melodies are still unknown, but it was also announced that the singer will visit different cities.

Through social networks, he announced that he will have a tour throughout North America that includes 15 different cities in the United States, but it is unknown if he could add more places to visit with his music.

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