Mark’s Songs to Learn More About The idol As A Soloist 2022 #Celebrity

Mark Lee is one of the most popular members of NCT. Being part of the NCT 127 and NCT Dream subunits, the idol has earned a lot of love from his fans and is one of the members to have released a solo single. The Canadian has several OSTs and songs that show his talent in both rapping and singing. Do you want to hear them?

Mark Lee fulfilled 23 years this August 2. The Canadian members of NCT He has won the hearts of fans for his laid-back and fun attitude, as well as having great rapping talent. These are some songs you should listen to learn more about the artist in his birthday.

The members of NCT have proven to be talented in all areas, be it singing, rapping, dancing, even acting and modeling. For this reason, it is important to remember the achievements of each one on their birthdays.

One of the most prominent members is Mark, who fulfiled years today. And as part of the celebrations for your day, these are some songs in which the idol has participated and you should know, because you will love them completely.

Songs of NCT’s Mark that show his talent

In this single for sm station, Mark shows his vocal talents in a melancholy melody. With guitar chords, the idol softly sings a sweet and sentimental song. In addition to showing a bit of his rap.

  • Lemonade Love (with Parc Jae Jung)

Lemonade Love It is also part of the SM Station and it is a sweet song that she performs together with the singer Park Jae Jung, where they show an innocent and awkward school romance. A refreshing song that you won’t be able to stop listening to because of its relaxed vibe.

  • Young & Free (with EXO’s Xiumin)

For SM Station, Mark also performed a song together with Xiumin from EXO. In this song, the idol demonstrates his talent in rapping. In the video both seem to be having a dance battle for an audition, with colorful settings, both artists perform a fun song that you will hear on loop.

for the drama Ghost Detective Red Velvet’s Joy, and NCT’s Mark performed one of the OST. A passionate song full of drama and nostalgia. In this song, Mark showed his rapping and part of his singing, creating a perfect mix with Joy’s voice.

  • I Wanna Go Into Your Heart (with Henry)

Lastly, the first OST in which Mark participated was for the drama Sweet Stranger and Me alongside Super Junior’s Henry Lau. A song full of energy that makes you want to fall in love because of the sweetness and fun of the song. Which is your favorite?

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