Master Analyst Announces 4 Altcoins: They Could Be Like UNFI!

UNFI: The cryptocurrency market has been on the decline since November. In May, the Terra LUNA and UST debacle deepened sales. Despite this decline, a number of altcoins such as UNFI are showing sharp movements exceeding 1,000%. Bozokcoin from Twitter evaluated 4 high-potential altcoin projects such as UNFI on a follower’s question. Let’s take a look at the analyst’s expectations, keeping in mind that the estimates are not certain.


4 altcoins that can track UNFI token

Unifi Protocol DAO describes itself as a “revolutionary approach to the DeFi industry,” according to Coinmarketcap data. The UNFI token rallied from a low of $3.3 to $39.25 on June 7 in about 3 hours. Upon this rally, one of Bozokcoin’s followers asked the analyst about altcoin projects he expects to perform similarly. Bozokcoin, with 146 thousand Twitter followers, answers this question with 4 altcoins:

It may be DGB, there are other coins that come to mind, but this DGB is an old rooted coin. BAKE, LINA, TOMO and DGB come to mind. If a movement like UNFI is going to be in another coin, that coin will be a coin with a market value of less than $ 50 million, but…

The UNFI token rose sharply to reach the ATH price of $43.91 after falling for a while along with the market as a whole. It then dropped to $6.80 with selling from higher levels. The analyst thinks whales emerging from UNFI will look for other potential altcoins:

Futures should also be traded. Because there will be those who open short because it is too high, and it will go to blow them. The whale that hit the money from UNFI will not be idle. There are already a maximum of 50-60 coins with the features I mentioned…

In BAKE analysis, Bozokcoin says that he expects surprise moves when the market starts to recover again:

BAKE had gone very hard during the rise in March. BEL was attached to the back. This time BEL went and BAKE remained silent even though he hung behind him from time to time… They are taking these two together. BAKE is one of the coins that are ready for a surprise as soon as the market wakes up. They haven’t liq shorts for a long time. There is no money left to open a long in the market, what are they waiting for?

Finally, referring to whale behavior, Bozokcoin says that buyers will re-enter after a while after sales stagnate:

There were too many block sales between 28-32, I guess someone emptied their wallet or something. Until today, someone has always covered those sales. I don’t know how much goods they have left, but as soon as they are finished, there will be very hard purchases in the market.

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