Mastercard Collaborates with Blockchain Australia

As crypto ecosystems grow, traditional companies do not stay away from technological innovations. One of the companies that welcome the innovative approach brought by decentralization is Mastercard. Having previously teamed up with crypto companies, Mastercard is now partnering with Blockchain Australia.


Mastercard Signs With Blockchain Australia

Representing Australian businesses and business professionals participating in the digital economy with blockchain technology, Blockchain Australia has signed an agreement with Mastercard from the USA, which has partnerships with many crypto companies.

The collaboration agreement includes Mastercard working with Blockchain Australia to further expand its reach in the local digital finance space.

Blockchain Australia will partner with Mastercard to scale and secure Australia’s Blockchain ecosystem, and advocate, train, upgrade and connect with experts and other businesses.

Blockchain Australia In his statement on the subject, he stated:

“Mastercard and Blockchain Australia’s mission is to connect and empower an inclusive, digital economy that benefits everyone, everywhere by making transactions secure, simple, smart and accessible.”

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