Me, Myself, and JungKook Release Photo Folio Mood Sampler 2022 #Celebrity

The members of BTS continue to surprise us with individual activities, now Jungkook will present a new project called Photo Folio, after the revelation of the first photograph we now have new advances that excited ARMY.

Such as BigHit previously announced, this break in BTS group activities will give us the opportunity to meet many other facets of the band members, although solo albums are some of the most anticipated projects, idols are ready to enter all kinds of activities.

Is now Jungkook who gives us some clues about what his next step will be, the idol will launch a Photo Folio and the first look at this project was a photo where the K-Pop singer appears sporting a vampire vibe.

Now, BigHit shares new details of this release, publishing a first video of what we will see in the Photo Folio, images and also some clues about its release, name and more.

Me, Myself, and JungKook Unveil First Sneak Peek With Mood Sampler

Just as you read it, the Photo Folio of the Golden Maknae of BTS will bear the name of Myself, and JungkookNot many details have yet been shared about how the final result of the project will be released, but they already gave us a new video trailer.

clip is a mood sampler Named after Inner Self, the images possess a mysterious vibe where light appears dimly amidst the darkness that surrounds the singer. The company announced that Me, Myself, and JungKook will show a powerful style and raised the curiosity of fans.

When is Jungkook’s Photo Folio released?

The Photo Folio Me, Myself, and JungKook will be released on September 1st, but before that we will see more advances of this new project, which will arrive through videos, previous images, mood teasers and more.

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